Anti-Corruption and Ethics

We assist our clients in developing anti-corruption, compliance and ethics procedures and practices, including designing/implanting training programs for client’s business.


Our team provide consultations to our clientele on an array of commercial matters. The team works closely with clients to understand the vast commercial contracts, where we help decipher and simplify complex commercial agreements. Our work includes but is not limited to, Distribution, Franchise, Agency, Out Sourcing, and Supply of Goods & Services.


We offer our clients corporate strategy mapping, company formation, corporate governance services and consultations. We excel in providing our clients with advice on Mergers & Acquisitions, Complaisance, Restructuring, Litigation and Due Diligence reports.
· Restructuring
· M&A
· Corporate Governance
· Compliance
· Liquidation and Bankruptcy

Employment and Benefits

Our Lawyers are trained professionals in labor law, handling employment matters, building Human Resources kits, foundation and processes. We also support our clients with day-to-day labor matters, including Compensation & Benefits, Hiring, or Termination. Thus, ensuring that our clients are compliant and up to date with the local Labor Laws.

Intellectual Property

We work with our clients to protect their intellectual assets, through facilitating IP knowledge and support. We advise our clients on copyrights, licensing agreements, trade secrets and trademarks. We listen to our clients concerns and feedback to guarantee that their business is protected and secured in the market.

Legal Translation

Our diverse and bilingual team offers our clients with accurate legal translation services, depending on the client’s business need in timely and precis delivery.

Litigation, Arbitration and Conflict Resolution

Our firm is selective when it comes to commencing litigation, as we handle challenging and complex legal issues. We provide our clients with vanguard legal expertise and methodical legal analysis. We assure that our clients are represented formally in all local courts, such as; legal court, administrative court, general court, family court, in addition to the various judicial committees. We lead on cases from court of first instance, to appeal court and finally execution court when applicable.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

With our vast expertise we advise our clients on all matters of arbitration, from the formation of a tribunal, arbitral procedure, as well as, drafting of arbitration clauses whether ad hoc or institutional. Our strength is evident as we often sit as arbitrators in high-value cases, attesting to our firm’s legal local knowledge.

Training and Development

We collaborate with universities to mentor/train students to meet their co-op/graduation requirements. Additionally, we offer secondment of our team members to offer support, or train legal personnel depending on the needs of the clients.